Type: Wastewater Treatment System Improvements

Hector, MN – Wastewater Treatment Plant

Challenge: Hector’s original wastewater facility was constructed in 1967. In 1993, the facility was expanded to include preliminary treatment, conventional activated sludge biological treatment, final clarification and chlorine disinfection. Most of the equipment in the current wastewater treatment plant hadn’t been updated since the 1993 plant expansion. The facility’s current preliminary treatment equipment (screening and … Read More

Wolf Lake Wastewater Project

Wolf Lake, MN – Sewer System Upgrade

Challenge Wolf Lake’s sewer system experienced failures almost immediately after it was built in 2000. Nearly the entire system was substandard and needed replacing. Plus the city’s topography wasn’t conducive to building typical wastewater collection and treatment systems. In addition, the improvements had to be affordable for residents and businesses that had already shouldered the … Read More

city of dent project

Dent, MN – Wastewater Treatment System Improvements

Problem Dent’s waste stabilization pond system was aged and failing. Wastewater seepage from the ponds into the ground water exceeded the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s requirements. Plus, the system was located in the heart of Minnesota lakes country, making discharges of sewage all the more subject to environmental scrutiny. Solution To solve the seepage problem, … Read More