Type: Streets

Mapleton, ND – School Zone Improvements

Challenge Mapleton’s existing elementary school, 506 1st Street, is 92 years old, and the city recently voted to pass a bond referendum to pay for a new elementary school. At the time, a new school was under construction east of the existing school, on the north side of 1st Street. The street in front of the former … Read More

new england project

New England, ND – Water System Improvement

Challenge:  Cast-iron water main pipes in New England, North Dakota were nearly 70 years old and filled with rust deposits.  The pipe corrosion was diminishing water pressure, leaving residents with minimal water pressure and the town with low flow from fire hydrants.  The rust deposits were also causing water discoloration throughout the City, forcing homeowners … Read More

Napoleon, ND – Storm sewer, sanitary sewer & water main replacement

Challenge The City of Napoleon had an aged sanitary sewer system. The vitrified clay pipe system was installed from 1949 to 1973. The system was leaking and there were infiltration and inflow issues. As a result, the sanitary lift station was running both pumps around the clock. The cast iron water main had been installed … Read More

13th ave project

West Fargo, ND – 13th Ave & 9th Street

Challenge In the late 1970s, the intersection of 13th Avenue South and 9th Street South in West Fargo was a rural 2-lane gravel roadway. The NDDOT installed a 4-lane divided urban roadway to accommodate the western growth. As traffic increased in the area, it was time for serious infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the occurring and … Read More

veterans blvd project

West Fargo, ND – Veterans Boulevard

Challenge Veterans Boulevard, a rural 2-lane roadway bordering West Fargo and Fargo needed expansion to facilitate a large volume of traffic projected within the corridor. Challenges included design of a facility to safely handle the increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic volumes anticipated to accommodate the new Liberty middle school being constructed. Solution Moore Engineering completed … Read More

40th Ave Expansion Project

Fargo & West Fargo, ND – 40th Ave Expansion

Challenge This project required reconstructing the 1.5 miles of existing two-lane 40th Ave. S. from Drain 27 to Sheyenne. The stretch needed to be urbanized and built into a four-lane street with turn lane channelization to provide capacity for the predicted future volumes of traffic. Further, the stretch required multi-use paths, street lights, and traffic … Read More