Type: Comprehensive Flood Control

Upper Maple River Dam, Steele County, ND

The Upper Maple River Dam culminates almost 20 years of planning and preparation. It replaced the smaller Sussex Dam, located about two miles upstream. This dam will reduce flood damages over more than 20,000 acres in portions of Steele, Barnes and Cass counties where the river can widen to two miles during floods. The dam protects local farmland … Read More

ada flood control project

Ada, MN – Flood Control Project

Challenge The City of Ada declared a “State of Emergency” seven times between 1997 and 2009 due to flood events, the worst of which occurred in 1997 that resulted in catastrophic damages. The City of Ada is bounded by Judicial Ditch No. 51 (JD-51) on the north side, and the Marsh/Wild Rice River(s) to the … Read More