Welcome Kathryn | Minot Summer Intern

Welcome Interns!

We are excited to have our summer interns starting! Students are getting the opportunity to work together with our engineers while they are still in college. This is a great way for them to really decide what path they want to take in their engineering career.

Kathryn Oren – Minot, ND

Kathryn is a native of Minot but attends NDSU for civil engineering. She is excited to work with our team at Moore Engineering this summer to grow in her knowledge of engineering and to see how the business works. She wants to become a Professional Engineer after she graduates from NDSU. She is very interested in Water Resources and Environmental engineering. Engineering runs in the family as her parents are both in the engineering space as well! She can be found playing video games and working on self-growth in her spare time.

We are excited for Kathryn to join our Minot team this summer!