Water quality top concern for all cities

The general public probably doesn’t think about it. Kids take it for granted. Developing countries may never experience it.

So what is “it”?

Clean water. Scientific regulations. Water quality standards.

It’s all second nature to us. And it’s accepted because it keeps us safe and our environment clean.

Even so, these regulations are ever-changing, so when an unfunded regulatory change lands on your city’s plate, what is the next step? This situation is the exact reason our clients have come to appreciate our consultative approach. We are up to speed on newly adopted water quality regulations and wastewater issues affecting Greater Minnesota cities. And, it’s a big reason I’m heading to the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities conference.

I suspect nutrient levels will be a hot topic this year. But while it’s good to hear updates on the latest research, study and analysis of the nutrient levels in our water, it’s also a chance to untwist the facts for our current and potential clients looking for help with their city’s storm water, wastewater and water supply systems.

Our clients have a lot of questions. How will they pay for the changes necessary for regulatory compliance? How do you know what type of funding is there? Moore’s approach makes navigating through the regulations simple and easy. We even assist with identifying funding alternatives for projects that need it.

And we approach funding differently than what you’ll find anywhere else. We work with cities to be sure their projects are focused on sustainability.  Then, we assist them in backing it with strong, efficient funding programs. This, we feel, is the best way to make your city strong, viable and competitive in a way that meets the needs of your residents.

Come find us at the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities Summer Conference, July 22-24 at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center!