Water and Wastewater

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Sustaining community water needs for more than 50 years

Moore Engineering has partnered with many communities over the last half century, helping to establish and maintain effective water and wastewater systems and infrastructure needs vital to their prosperity and sustainability.

In 1962, Casselton became the first city to use Moore as its city engineer, followed by West Fargo a year later.

Today, more than 70 area communities have ongoing relationships with Moore Engineering, utilizing our professional capabilities and technical expertise to work side by side with community leaders and system operators to plan and construct affordable and effective engineering solutions. We work to ensure the success of each project and continue to provide support after a project is completed.

You reap the benefits of our vast experience

We have the experience and expertise to provide clients with pragmatic, cost-effective and innovative solutions to all their water and wastewater system needs. The benefits to our clients: improved reliability, greater efficiencies, increased capacity, lower operation and maintenance costs.

Our teams have extensive experience in studies, design, permitting and construction phases—everything you need to effectively implement improvements from new or replacement sewer lines to a new advanced wastewater treatment plant with water reuse opportunities.

In addition, our staff possesses advanced expertise in municipal utility system modeling, which can be utilized for current and future planning.

Help with funding your projects

Securing the best available funding package is important in making sure a project is successful and economically feasible.

Our knowledge and experience in working with funding agencies enables us to get our clients' projects prioritized, funded, and built. We have a thorough understanding of the many funding sources available and a good working relationship with many local and state agencies and entities. We also get to know the communities we serve. We understand their needs and take a proactive approach to meeting those needs.

Water and Wastewater engineering capabilities:


  • Water treatment plants
  • Wells and pumping stations
  • Groundwater and surface water supply
  • Distribution and storage facilities
  • Hydraulic system modeling, analysis, and fire flows
  • Multiple pressure zone systems
  • Master planning and facility plans
  • User rate studies


  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Stabilization ponds
  • Wastewater collection and transmission systems
  • Lift stations and pumping facilities
  • Odor management and control
  • Hydraulic system modeling and analysis
  • Master planning and facility plans
  • Inflow/infiltration studies
  • User rate studies

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