Lisbon, N.D. – Sheyenne River Flood Protection

Lisbon residents have prevented significant damages during flood events by constructing emergency levees along the Sheyenne River. However, without the construction of permanent flood protection, the risk of a catastrophic failure is high and may result in significant damages or injury. Further, existing city streets and infrastructure are failing because they aren’t designed to handle the heavy construction traffic required to build emergency levees.

Construction and removal of emergency levees have placed a huge financial strain on Lisbon residents. The financial burden forced the city to postpone Phase 3 and 4 of a desperately needed city sewer and water infrastructure replacement project.

The completed flood protection project will provide permanent protection for portions of the city, eliminating the need for emergency flood fighting efforts. Not having to construct and remove emergency levees will mitigate damage to already aging city infrastructure that would be further damaged by heavy construction equipment.

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