Mapleton, N.D. – School Zone Improvements

Mapleton’s existing elementary school, 506 1st Street, is 92 years old, and the city recently voted to pass a bond referendum to pay for a new elementary school. 

The new school is under construction east of the existing school, on the north side of 1st Street, and is scheduled to open for classes in the fall of 2017. The street in front of the current and future schools is not currently in proper condition for use as a thoroughfare for students walking to school or for vehicle traffic. The current street is a rural asphalt street section in areas, with ditches that don’t drain properly and a small amount of sidewalks. The area in front of the new school is a gravel street section with poor ditching and no sidewalks.

Due to this issue, the City worked with Moore Engineering to come up with a reconstruction plan for the street and the aged utilities beneath it. The sanitary sewer and water main are in need of replacement, as well as the existing sanitary sewer lift station. To install a proper street section, the city decided to install an urban street section with curb and gutter and new storm sewer.  This street will be installed from the intersection of 1st Street with Cass County Highway 11, all the way to the east end of the City’s cemetery.  From that point, a crushed concrete street section with ditching will be installed to the east out to 164th Ave SE.

On top of replacing the water main and sewer main, along with installing the storm sewer and a new street section, the city decided to install a 10-foot multi-use path on the north side of 1st Street to connect other multi-use paths throughout the city and to accommodate foot traffic to the new school. The City also decided to install a raised crosswalk southwest of the new school to help improve safety. The new street will not allow on-street parking, as the new school will have off-street parking for visitors. New signage will be installed along the street along with a radar speed sign to help keep speeds down on the road. The project will also replace the aging lift station with a new lift station on the city’s property across from the existing school. 

The project plan is to improve safety for pedestrians along the corridor, improve the flow of traffic to the new school, improve drainage along the corridor and replace aged utilities under the street. The city secured a low interest loan from the Bank of North Dakota to help finance the project, and will use a special assessment process to pay for the project.


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