GPS is efficient, high tech time saver for Moore Engineering clients

The explosion of survey-grade GPS products within the past twelve years is no accident. The hardware is increasingly precise, the software user-friendly, and the customer service is consistently top notch.

Moore Engineering Inc, first tested GPS hardware in late summer 1999, where we proved its accuracy to less than a ¼ inch in a mile – astounding performance, especially for the efficiency provided. By testing the hardware against a previous large-scale project – the West Fargo Sheyenne Diversion – we became confident it could help our business continue to expand. Today, each of our survey chiefs operates a GPS rover in the field, a distinct time saver for our employees, contractors, and clients.

Through our work with the City of West Fargo, our Survey Party Chiefs have made extensive use of Trimble GPS hardware. Today, we are proud to say that each Survey Chief has more than four years experience with the technology, and we’ve put that experience to work throughout many of our projects throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Our preliminary and topographic surveys are more efficient with GPS, dramatically decreasing the cost to our clients. We are able to complete construction staking in far less time – making construction crews happier. And we’ve made it easy to gather true latitude and longitude values, which means we can communicate that information to our airport clients more quickly, while fully satisfying federal regulations.

The following are some projects where we have used GPS:


The use of GPS directly increases the speed at which we can help our clients complete projects accurately and on-schedule, while being fun to use! Our crew chiefs continue to marvel at what GPS helps us achieve.

Do you have any experience working with GPS products? Can you share any examples of how this technology helps you achieve business objectives? We’d like to hear from you.

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