Partners in creating safe routes to school

School is back in session for another year and parents want to make sure their kids have a safe and healthy way to get there. At Moore Engineering, we’ve been working with communities to do just that—through the Safe Routes to School program.

Safe Routes to School is a federal program that encourages children to walk and bicycle to school by making doing so safer, healthier and more fun. Communities improve infrastructure and plan projects and activities that help their kids socialize with friends, learn about their neighborhoods, gain a sense of independence, and foster healthy habits that could last a lifetime.

 Here are the Safe Routes program goals:

  • Increase bicycle, pedestrian and traffic safety.
  • Encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and reducing childhood obesity.
  • Improve community safety, security, accessibility and community involvement.
  • Improvements to the physical environment that increase the ability to promote more children walking and bicycling to and from schools.
  • Decreased traffic congestion and fuel consumption and improve air quality.
  • Improve partnerships among schools, local communities, parents, and other community groups, including non-profit organizations.
  • Increased interest in bicycle and pedestrian accommodations throughout the community.

Steps to creating safe routes to school
Moore Engineering helps communities every step of the way in creating safe routes to school and achieving program goals. We put our expertise to work beginning with planning and preparing the Funding Applications and continuing through the planning, design and construction phases.

Selected projects will have eligible construction improvements paid up to the amount of the awarded funding. Improvements include sidewalk, installation of ADA ramps, traffic calming, bicycle and pedestrian crossing lights, stripes and signs. Improvements also include new or upgraded on-street bicycle lanes, multi-use bicycle and pedestrian trails and pathways, along with other safety and convenience measures.

How do your kids get to school?
Do they take safe and healthy routes? Have you had any experience with the SRTS program or other community efforts to help kids get safely to and from school? We’d like to hear from you.

To find out more about the Safe Routes to School program or for help in completing the program applications, please feel free to contact David Roedel  in our office.

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